Are you inspired by designer furniture, but it is out of your budget? Are planning to buy new furniture but confused about where to start? Maybe the furniture you are looking to buy does not fit into your space. Regardless of your concern, Chaircraft Upholstery can help you to create a furniture setting tailored to your needs and space.

Whether you are looking for custom made sofas, ottomans, sofas, bed heads, headboards or outdoor furniture, we’ve got you covered! Just tell us your requirements and budget, and we can create the exact custom made furniture for a price matching your budget and home dimensions.

Custom furniture can bring a huge amount of style and design to the functionality of any space. Now, you can easily find bold and exquisite designs for simple and luxury furniture pieces and install them in any commercial or residential spaces.

At Chaircraft Upholstery, we evaluate your needs and give you a free quote. We deliver bespoke furniture pieces, including custom-made bed heads, lounges, and more to meet your preferences in size, style, and finish.

If you are looking for custom furniture in Sydney, then get in touch with us now. To get started, just give us a call on 1800 704581, or click on Get a Quote and send a photo of what you are looking for.

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